Top 10 Baking Tips

21 Nov

Let’s face it we all need a little help now and again and I’m not scared to admit I cannot live without my ‘Top 10 baking tips’ printed out, laminated and propped up in my kitchen. They may seem simple, obvious or completely stupid but ensuring you stick to them will give you great results!

Here goes:

1. Pre-heat the oven 15 minutes before you use it, during baking try not to open the door too often as this affects air flow and internal temperature.
2. Always measure ingredients accurately, precision is an essential part of achieving the best results.
3. Remove eggs from the fridge two hours prior to baking, as cold eggs can cause the mixture to curdle.
4. When baking a cake work as fast as possible, once the wet ingredients are added the rising agent begins to works immediately.
5. For cupcakes use an ice-cream scoop to pour mixture into cases, this ensures every cupcake is the same size.
6. Making pastry? Ceramic baking beans are not necessary; use uncooked rice or haricot beans when blind baking instead.
7. To prevent your shortcrust pastry from shrinking; chill it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before rolling and a further 15 minutes before baking.
8. When making pastry the colder the surface the better ensuring the fat doesn’t melt. I even wash my hands with cold water before I get stuck in!
9. All ovens have hot patches so turn your biscuits and cakes around midway through baking to ensure a beautiful golden colour and an evenly baked treat.
10. Always bake on the middle shelf of the oven; this lets the hot air circulate around your cake.

Let me know if these helped? Any tips you guys could share with our readers?

Keep it delicious!

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