Valentines Day

1 Feb

Two short weeks away to the holiday of love…valentines day 🙂 everyone loves someone so show them their special…whether its a friend, family or someone special it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation! Here are a few sweet gifts that will make anyone’s day amazing!

1) Well I just love this Kate Spade handbag and this might even be a slight hint to anyone that wants to show me some love 😉


2) how about something more personal? A scrap book with old pictures, clippings, texts and memories…always a beautiful way to show you care!


3) kissable lips are always a must – kissably sweet lips are just perfect! I love these quirky make up bits and bobs, especially this whoopie lip lovers!


4) why change what’s not broken? Yummy chocolates always go down well, especially in front of a fire with a glass of wine…


Whatever you do enjoy it, watch cliche rom-coms with friends, have a romantic dinner, spend the night in just make sure you smile 🙂 and…

Keep it delicious!


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