Pancake Toppings

20 Feb


1 day to go and it’s time to prepare, bowls at the ready and so we can have some DIY pancake fun! So excited, how do you like yours? Here are a few topping suggesstions which always go down beautifully with kids and adults.

– sugar & lemon or orange juice
– cooked mixed berries/fruit compote

– chopped apricots with low fat yoghurt
– canned fruits such as pineapple or apricot

– jam & coconut
– jam and squirty cream
– maple syrup

– chocolate spread & chopped nuts
– apple, cinnamon & raisin
– mashed banana & honey
– ice cream & chocolate sauce
– honey & raisins
– chocolate spread & banana

– fruit & ice cream

– strawberries & whipped cream
– chocolate spread & mini marshmallows

Mmm, it is going to be an amazing shrove Tuesday! Get the kids involved, get messy, and have fun!

Keep it delicious!

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