12 Mar

So yesterday afternoon I went shopping for anything worth buying and some how we ended up In the middle of French Connection discussing wedding ideas for about an hour. No no no no I’m not getting married anytime soon but it made me realise the things we overlooked…centrepieces, an important part of every wedding!! Having centrepiece ideas flying around in my head and chronic insomnia keeping me up, I used pinterest to check out some cool ideas and I thought if share them with you…


Flowers, flowers everywhere! Remember keep them small so they don’t create a block between your guests, also short bouquets are much easier to put together and you could get on with doing these yourself rather than paying a fortune for a florist!


Just another idea, you could have a floral theme, so perhaps having a big show piece somewhere in the venue and using the same flowers, have shorter bouquets on the tables…this will keep everything very matchy-matchy, and extremely pristine.



What’s important to think about when choosing your centrepiece is the time of the year and the venue, these autumnal themed pieces are perfect for outdoor wedding occasions. I love the wheat, so original and so gorgeous.



You don’t have to have flowers and sometimes it’s actually better not having them, easier to organise and cheaper to have. There is nothing more romantic then the glow of candles and I think they look gorgeous, you could buy the fish bowls from ikea for really cheap or rent them, either way it’s a beautiful way to brighten up any venue.

Let us know if you have any cool centrepiece ideas 🙂 and don’t do what we did and overlook its importance!

Keep it delicious!


One Response to “Centrepieces”

  1. Daydreaming of Paris May 19, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    Love this, i was thinking of doing some DIY and came across your blog on google. Great post 🙂

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