Limoncello Trifle

18 May


A delicious compliment to any gorgeously fresh Italian meal. The Limincello trifle, lightly refreshing yet beautifully satisfying.

What you need:
3 oranges
75 ml Limoncello
100g trifle sponge fingers
250g mascarpone
2 heaped tblsp icing sugar
100ml semi-skimmed milk
1 lemon
1tsp vanilla extract
1 handful of raspberries
100g bar of good quality dark chocolate(green and blacks)

What you do:
1) Squeeze the juice of 3 oranges into a trifle bowl.
2) Stir in the Limoncello, taste to ensure its not too potent for you and your guests.
3) Cover the base of the filled trifle dish with the sponge fingers.
4) Mix the mascarpone, icing sugar and milk in another bowl until combined.
5) Add in the lemon zest and the juice of half a lemon and whisk. Now add in the vanilla extract.
6) Once the mixture is combined spread it over the sponge fingers in the trifle bowl.
7) Scatter over the raspberries and finely grate the a chocolate over the top.
8) Pop in the fridge and enjoy!!

Deliciously simple, plus you could even make it the day before a dinner party and the sponges will be beautifully limoncello-y.

Keep it delicious!!


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