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Hot Cross Buns

30 Mar

Well it is that time of year, get the buns out (with the crosses), heat them up and smoother them with butter and any other gorgeousness you want. Who doesn’t love them? You’ll love them even more with this simple recipe!

hot cross buns

hot cross buns

What you need:


300 ml full fat milk/single cream

50g butter

500g bread flour

pinch of salt

75g caster dugar

7g easy action yeast

1 egg

75 g sultanas/or choc chips depedning on your preference!

50g mixed peel

zest of an orange

1 apple, peeled, cored and chopped

a touch of cinnamon


75g plain flour


3 tbsp apricot jam

What you do:

1) In a heavy bottom back bring the milk/cream to boil. Leave aside and add in the butter until gorgeously melted.

2) create a well with the dry ingredients and slowly pour in the warm milky buttery mixture using a wooden spoon to slowly incorporate.

3) Lightly dust the surface and begin to kneed, stretching the dough to add elasticity (this will make it fluffy!), continue for 5 minutes until it is shiny and there are no signed of flour. Let the ball of dough rest for an hour in a warm place.

4) once the hour is up and your rewarded yourself with a tea and a biscuit, grab the dried fruit and zest and add into the dough, make sure it is evenly distributed for maximum pleasure. Leave to rest for a further hour.

5) divide the ball of gorgeousness into 15 even pieces (about 75g each!), seperate these onto 2/3 baking trays making sure they have enough room to expand. Cover again with oiled cling film for a further hour.

6) flick the over on at 220C

7) Use the remaining 75g of flour and mix with warm water to form a paste, pop the paste in a piping bag and decorate the cross on the buns.

8) once the X has embedded itself into the buns, pop into the over in the middle shelf for 20 minutes!

9) gently heat the jam to melt and sieve to remove any unwanted lumps, simply brush over the gooey-ness for an extra special hot cross bun!

10) make another cup of tea to enjoy with your delicious buns.

As easy as that! I am sure that will keep everyone in the house happy! 😉

Keep it Delicious!