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Problematic Cookies

31 Jan


The perfect cookie should be crunchy to bite, chewy to chew, evenly baked and have your mouth watering instantly…want a cookie like that? You could just order some from Spoony cakes or you could follow these splendid tips:

The problem: My cookies are too hard
Hard cookies are a result of adding too much flour in proportion to the wet ingredients. Or it could be due to over-mixing. Next time, add less flour and avoid overmixing once the ingredients come together.

The problem: My cookies are crumbling too much.
This is usually a result of having too much sugar and not enough egg; next time, adding a little more egg or a touch of milk. It could also be because your dough isn’t quite mixed enough, so spending a little more time there could help too.


The problem: My cookies aren’t baking evenly.
This could be due to uneven cookie sizes; use an ice-cream scoop so each cookie is the exact same size. Ovens are also very temperamental follow our baking tips.

The problem: My cookies are too dry.
Bake them at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time. Additionally, substituting brown sugar for some of the granulated sugar may help your cookies retain moisture, since brown sugar has a higher moisture content.

The problem: My cookies are spreading too much!
It could be that you’re baking them at too low a temperature – a higher temperature and shorter cooking time may be to blame, or your oven’s temperature itself is not quite where it should be. Adding too much sugar or oil, or not enough flour could also be a factor. Again, double check your measurements and adjust them accordingly.

The problem: My cookies aren’t browning enough.
You want that nice, lightly browned exterior in your cookies! If you don’t get that look, it’s possible that you’re not baking them at a high enough temperature. Not adding enough brown sugar could also cause your cookies to be paler than desired.

The problem: The next day, my cookies are always hard as rocks.
Packaging them in a nice, sealed container covered with a slice of bread will usually keep them much softer for a longer period of time! That’s a nifty one!

How good are these?! Having any other problems in the kitchen, let us know we could pop on some more tips and tricks to ensure everything you bake is magical!

Keep it delicious!