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Naked Cakes

13 Mar

Reading all these wedding blogs and the rustic themes that seem to be dominating them I have come up with some organic, deliciously beautiful wedding cake ideas that would have your mouth waters instantly! I know not everyone loves the royal icing or regal iced cakes and some people want that simply exquisite cake, not to forget they are actually cheaper!!


Here are some of my faves….




Un-frosted beauties! Naked gorgeousness!

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Keep it delicious!

Dessert Tables

11 Mar

So wedding season is only round the corner and its about time you start thinking about exactly what you want to celebrate your day!! A wedding cake is a must but new trends seem to be leaning towards an opulent dessert tables….

Pretty in Pink – 3 Tier Wedding Cake – Macarons – Mini Cupcakes



Lilac Love – 3 Tier Wedding Cake – 2 x 2 Tier Cake – Cupcakes – Biscuits – Cake Pops


Blue Butterflies and Bows – 3 Tier Wedding Cake – Muffins – Cupcakes – Cake Pops – Marshmallows – Chocolates


With an array of delectable desserts all your guests will be extra happy!! From cupcakes or all flavors, cookies, biscuits, macarons, cake-pops, personalized sweets and the wedding cake itself, you can have a gorgeous selection of beautiful masterpieces that will have your guests swooning.

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Keep it Delicious!

Hi all!

7 Nov

Start of an era…or just the start of me going on about cakes, chocolates, sweet treats and anything else delicious enough to be on my mind. For those of you who do not know me, I am Poonam, the proud owner of a little, home based, custom made cake workshop called Spoony Cakes! For those of you who know me, you know I talk a lot, so what better way to express my passion then to write it down in the hope that thousands of people will see it.

From the get go I am promising that I will always be myself, always attempt to make you laugh and always keep light and fluffy just like a perfectly crafted Spoony Cake.

Keeping this one short in the hope that I do not bore you.

Just a reminder to say; stay tuned for recipes, tutorials, giggles and Spoony prizes!

Keep it delicious!!