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Crêpe Suzzette

22 Feb


Left over stale crêpes don’t have to go to waste, put a special adult twist to it and you will have yourself a gorgeous French classic!

What you need:
Left over crêpes
75 g caster sugar
50 g unsalted butter
150 ml orange juice
1 lemon, juice only
splashes Cointreau
icing sugar, for dusting

What you do:
1) Set up the none-stick frying pan on a high heat. Add in the caster sugar and as it starts to caramelise add the butter, stir well and pour in the orange juice and bring up to boil.

2) Skim the top with a cold spoon, then add the lemon juice. Reduce the syrup a little, than add a generous splash of Cointreau.

3) Add one pancake at a time to the pan, flipping and folding. Remove the pancake and fold in half again on a plate. Repeat with the remaining pancakes. Line them up in a flameproof dish.

4) Now for the flambéing: add a generous splash of Cointreau to the pan, and tip into the gas flame to ignite or carefully light with a match if you have an electric cooker. Pour the flaming Cointreau over the pancakes, dust with icing sugar and lemon and orange zest.

Delicious crêpes that will have you eyes wide and mouth watering! Perfect showpiece during a dinner party too! Give it a go!

Keep it delicious!