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Boxing-day Munchies

26 Dec

Let’s admit it, leftovers always taste 10 times better then the real deal…truth be told, nothing tastes better then this gorgeous turkey club sandwich! Quick simple and after yesterday I’m pretty sure you have all the ingredients from yesterday’s huge feast!

What to do:
1) Spread one side of each piece of bread with thick gravy(bisto will do) Top 2 slices of bread with the turkey slices and cranberry sauce.
2) Put a second slice of bread, gravy-side up, on top, then pile on the stuffing, halved chipolatas and a handful of salad leaves.
3) Put the last slice of bread on top. Push 2 cocktail sticks into each sandwich to hold them together, then cut the sandwich in half and enjoy!

The beauty of this is, all ingredients can be assembled whilst hot or cold so you can enjoy a sandwich or a toasted turkey delight!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and got everything they deserved 😉

Keep it delicious!