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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake…

27 Feb

The wedding cake, a major part of every marital celebration, pardon the metaphor but its the icing on the cake! It has to be perfect, big, small, commercial or personalised, it has to represent you, your relationship, your wedding! Here is how to choose your perfect cake!

1. When it comes to the style of your cake, take inspiration from your colour scheme, flowers, wedding venue and even details on your wedding dress. I love jewellery inspired cakes.



2. A good wedding cake designer will ask for as much detail of your big day as possible to come up with some suitable ideas. (sorry if you think I’m being nosey ;))

3. Look for a cake designer who specialises in the style of cake you’re looking for.

4. When choosing your cake designer, ask to see examples of cakes they have already made and be sure to have a taste(I do tasting session at times convenient for you, after work and weekends) – it’s important that a cake tastes as good as it looks!

5. When it comes to the cake filling, while fruit cake is the traditional choice, there are many other options such as carrot cake, lemon cake, and, of course, chocolate. Some bakers including me give you the option of having a different flavour for each tier!

6. Consider having a cake that’s slightly bigger than you need. That way, you can save a slice for guests unable to attend, or just a slice for yourself after the big day šŸ˜‰


7. As an alternative to the traditional tiered cake, consider having cupcakes, miniature cakes, or even a macarons tower! This way you can have loads of different flavours too.

8. Always ask the cake designer whether they will transport and arrange the cake at your venue. This is extremely important, as tiered caked need to be properly assembled at the location.


9. Be sure to cater for guests with allergies, or specific dietary requirements, you could have a small cake (perhaps a cupcake or even a cookie) created especially for them. Alternatively, you need to let guests with allergies know they should avoid the cake.

10. Consider serving your cake in the evening, or instead of pudding. Serving it with ice cream, chocolate sauce, or a fruit coulis is also a great idea, plus it means no wastage or double dessert costs!

Whatever you do, just make sure you love your cake! And make sure you actually save yourself a giant slice šŸ™‚ for more information just drop me an email at spoonycake@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you almost instantly!

Look forward to hearing from you…

Keep it delicious!

Wedding Cake Don’ts…

24 Jan


The wedding cake is a major part of everyone’s big day, but so many people get it wrong. I’ve been to so many weddings and I think I’ve only said WOW to a handful of cakes. First and foremost with any delicious creation, the creation has to be just that…delicious and beautiful, there is no point having something yummy that looks like its been sat on by an elephant or something beautiful that tastes like cardboard. Here are a few dont’s that every bride and groom should stick by to ensure they get the perfect representation of them and their big day in cake form.


1) Don’t get a complicated design – forget add on stripes, starts, flowers and sprinkles…simple is always better, easy on the eye and way more elegant.

2) When deigning your cake andĀ finalisingĀ colour schemes, don’t forget colour swatches.

3) Don’t choose an inedible bright colour, it looks artificial and everyone’s tongues and lips will be left looking crazy, including yours!


4) Don’t overlook the table, cake stand and location – it is extremely important to present the cake properly, it will look more grand and become a major focus of the day.

5) Don’t pick up the cake yourself – this is a major don’t…it is the bakers position to ensure the cake is displayed and delivered in perfect condition, this is a difficult procedure especially when it comes to tiered cakes as this means that the cake has to be properly assembled at the location.

6) Don’t try to please everyone!Ā RememberĀ it is your wedding day, choose your favourite flavour – Many bakers(including myself) give customers who order tiered cakes the opportunity to get different flavoured tiers which means you can please yourselves and everyone else.

7) Don’t forget to eat your cake – often with larger wedding it is hard to stay organised and keep to the time schedule…but whatever happens the cutting of the cake is a huge part of the wholeĀ ceremony so make sure you enjoy it.


cakes by Peggy Porschen

Keep it delicious!