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When it’s cold outside, just stay in!

25 Nov

Global warming has heated up our planet and it is surprisingly warm outside, but you know what that means? Soon enough we are going to be dashed into the blizzardy weather we were plunged into last year, where we will need our Eskimo gear to get anywhere. Forget that…All you need is wine, heating and food and I’m sure there will be no need to leave the warm cocoon that is you home so long as you have these handy substitutes!   

Here are a list of ingredients which can be substituted when the cold hits and your pyjamas are way to comfortable to hop out of: 

1)      O dear we are out of salt! Not to worry substitute it for half as much lemon juice.

2)      We needed granulated sugar but I only have confectionary…Don’t be sad! 1 cup of granulated sugar = 1 ¾ cup confectionary sugar!

3)      We need breadcrumbs for the chicken but there are none in the cupboard!! Not to worry…use cornflake, crackers or croutons…just as delicious, if not more!

4)      Making vanilla cupcakes but there isn’t any vanilla extract left in the bottle…Just replace it with equal amounts of maple syrup and liquor!

5)      No cornstarch to thicken up that gorgeous soup? Not to worry whisk in some plain flour instead!   

6)      No butter? Not to worry, vegetable oil will do just the trick!

7)      Trying to squeeze a dry lemon? Don’t! just add half as much white vinegar!

8)      Honey?? Nope we have none! OK just grab 1 ¼ cup white sugar and 1/3 cup hot water and there you have it home made honey substitute!

9)      Ketchup? A necessity in most peoples homes…just get 1 cup pasata(pureed tomatoes in tins), 1 table spoon sugar and 1 teaspoon of vinegar…give it a mix and there you have it!

10)  No soy sauce for the noodles? Just use 4 table spoons Worcestershire sauce and 1 table spoon of water!

11)  Now for the strange one…no eggs? In sweet treats just chuck in half a banana! Or for savoury munchies ¼ cup silken tofu! 


Strange but true!! They all work, so don’t worry this winter….


Stay warm and keep it delicious!