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Valentines Day

1 Feb

Two short weeks away to the holiday of love…valentines day 🙂 everyone loves someone so show them their special…whether its a friend, family or someone special it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation! Here are a few sweet gifts that will make anyone’s day amazing!

1) Well I just love this Kate Spade handbag and this might even be a slight hint to anyone that wants to show me some love 😉


2) how about something more personal? A scrap book with old pictures, clippings, texts and memories…always a beautiful way to show you care!


3) kissable lips are always a must – kissably sweet lips are just perfect! I love these quirky make up bits and bobs, especially this whoopie lip lovers!


4) why change what’s not broken? Yummy chocolates always go down well, especially in front of a fire with a glass of wine…


Whatever you do enjoy it, watch cliche rom-coms with friends, have a romantic dinner, spend the night in just make sure you smile 🙂 and…

Keep it delicious!

Mince Pies

21 Dec


4 days to go!! Not only are these the simplest DIY deserts to see you through the winter period, they are the most delicious! Seriously, the mincemeat combined with this sweet shortcrust pastry has turned a few mince pie haters into fiends, so put those hesitations aside and get the rolling pin and flour out!

Ingredients: (makes 24 mini mince pies or 14/16 medium pies)
200g sifted flour
1tbs caster sugar
100g chilled butter
1 medium egg

The sweet shortcrust pastry – What you do:
1) sift the flour into a food processor and add in the sugar
2) cut up the chilled butter into cubes and add to the dry mixture
3) let ingredients pulse
4) once it reaches a crumbly consistency, add in the beaten egg
5) let the crumbs come together, knead together and wrap the dough up in cling film. Leave in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes!

Now it’s time to roll:
1) pre-heat the oven 200â€Ēc
2) melt a knob of butter and use a basting brush to coat the 12 hole shallow pie tray.
3) roll out the sweet short crust till it is about 3/4mm thick and cut out round circles using a scalloped edge cutter. The size of the cutter is dependent on the size of the holes in the shallow pie tray.
4) place the sweet shortcrust pastry circles into each hole, carefully pinching at the inner sides to create a bowl like space.
5) grab the mincemeat you made early and place a teaspoon of the mixture into each pie.
6) for the tops you can get creative, I love stars on them so I cut stars and closed the pies with them, others prefer them the traditional way and fully cover them, so this step is entirely your choice!

7) baste the tops with beaten egg to get a lovely golden colour.
8 ) pop into the pre-heated oven for 10 minutes…
9) Enjoy with fresh cream or vanilla pod custard!

There you have it simply sublime mince pies. Make them your family favourite this Christmas…

Keep it delicious!